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Our Philosophy

Our ‘Maase-Hoshev' (The 'Thoughtful Making' concept) is the trinity synthesis of the perceptions of ‘Adrichal’- (The Servant of Space), and ‘Architect’- (Master of Structure), which are both embodied in the ancient concept of ‘Maase-Hoshev’ in terms of architectural existence. This idea shows that the human spirit is the supreme authority in experiencing and absorbing the significance of architecture, which is basically a metaphysical category, whether through conscious awareness or by intuition; but yet, this process generally includes an element of apprehension for both, the originator and the spectator.

We believe that planners and designers should confront the existential experiences while creating buildings, in order to include the collective human spirit as a crucial factor in the design process; knowing that the resulting recommendation opens the gates for the search of the space in mind....of the rules and roles of ‘Spatial Realization’. “The architect must think of his responsibility; - his responsibility to create something, which is always true to the nature in men and to the laws of nature” , as Kahn once said.

To encapsulate our idea of the 'Thoughtful Making' by using the inspiration of the ‘Kierkegaardian Nightingale’ we will say that: It is a humility on the behalf of the ‘Adrichal’ not to demand that the collective will achieve a ‘Spatial Realization’ of his work, but also a pride on the part of the ‘Architect’ not to care if they do or do not. Nevertheless it happens, for by the virtue of absurd they do. This is the sacred and secret essence of ‘Ma’ase-Hoshev'.



Registered Architect

ARBV, Australia

Licensed Architect

AR Israel







 ארכידרום אדריכלים

Australia & Israel

אוסטרליה ישראל

Archidrom Architects was founded in October 2002, in Jerusalem. Since, Archidrom's main mission was to bring to the south of Israel the gospel of architecture, it was relocated to Beer-Sheba in Israel and even further south to Melbourne in Australia. 

Archidrom is a practice of architects and thinkers, which specialises in planning and design of public, commercial and residential buildings; urban spaces and developments as well.

Among the projects that our practice was engaged in, are: Libraries, Museums, Memorials, Auditoriums, Synagogues, Educational Centres, Schools, Kindergartens, Communal Centres, Health Centres, Religious Centres, Retail and Wholesale Commercial Centres, Offices, Residential and Multi-Residential Buildings, Industrial Buildings.

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