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Jerusalem Centre, Netivot, Israel                                                                                      2006-2011

Project Architect - Meir Krispin, Job Captain - Yuval Levi                                                           Built

This commercial building is also located on the main street of the city of Netivot. Nearby are public and municipal buildings that give services to the whole city and to the neighborhood that they are at.

The building is designed in a desert city, a place that the solar radiation is very high. In order to keep the connection between the interior and the exterior spaces of the building, I designed it as two buildings that are next to each other and are facing each other. In between I created a shaded 3d system of public spaces which are connecting the shops and the street by using a colonnades and bridges and open staircases all underneath suspended roofs.

This building has 3 stories. The first one is an underground floor uses as supply depot. The ground floor and the first floor have open shaded spaces, with special architectural characteristics. Therefore the two floors are using as classic commercial spaces and of course, are opening a visual horizon towards the infinite desert. This building is offering static architectural resolutions for the open public spaces in desert regions.





Jerusalem 1-SHELET.jpg
Yerushalaim 25.JPG
Jerusalem 9-SHELET.jpg
Yerushalaim 20.JPG
Yerushalaim 44.JPG
Yerushalaim 24.JPG
Yerushalaim 39.JPG
Jerusalem 3a.jpg
Yerushalaim 21.JPG
Jerusalem 4a.jpg
Jerusalem 6a.jpg
Yerushalaim 46.JPG
Yerushalaim 38.JPG
Yerushalaim 12.JPG
Yerushalaim 29.JPG
Yerushalaim 7.JPG
Yerushalaim 11.JPG
Yerushalaim 58.JPG
Yerushalaim 15.JPG
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