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Soldiers Club & Auditorium, Mishor-Adumim, Israel                      2005-2008

Project Architect, Meir Krispin                                                                                    Built

This project is located in a military base camp at 'Mishor-Adumim' regional council, near Jerusalem. This building was designed to provide a cultural and leisure activities space for the soldiers that serve in this camp. It is open every day from morning till evening, for the soldiers' benefits.

The context of this building has a major influence on the formation of its shape. The urban context of military base camp, which is built from simple shapes and constructions which are similar to those of warehouses, had defined the design of this project. This design is a mixture of a theatrical stage and a warehouse that has a simple sloped roof, which stretches its edges and suspends them on a row that made out of four columns, by adding a third slope to the roof. This colonnade creates the main entrance to the building.

This building is divided into two sections. The first one is the club which uses as a big leisure hall on every evening. It provides an entertainment space for the soldiers. This hall has a comfort zones for seating, relaxing and reading. At the center of this hall there is a television and video stand. Inside this space there is a coffee-bar, for the soldiers' pleasure, as well.

The second section is the auditorium. This space contains 280 seats on ten stepped rows. It uses as a multifunctional space in which lectures, plays, movies, concerts and other frontal activities take place. It has a big theatrical stage which has two rooms on both of its sides. One is used as a sound room and the other as a dressing room.

The wall that divides the two sections is built as mobile acoustic hard curtain that supposed to be open when gathering the entire inhabitants of this camp.

This building was donated by the families of the fallen soldiers of this unite and it was built for their memory.





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