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Golf Park Residences, Oakliegh South, Vic, Australia                       2015-Ongoing

Project Architect - Meir Krispin , Co-Architect - Yuval Levi                                   T/P Application

Dual occupancy project in the city of Monash. Front and rear development on north road, opposite the Golf Park. Each unit contains 5 bedroom double garage large living area with open kitchen and dining area and outdoor living verandas and pergolas. Two stories buildings with modern look that meets Monash design guiding lines





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1-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
2-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
3-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
4-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
5-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
6-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
7-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
8-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
9-TP-1202 North rd-A4.jpg
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