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Smilo Centre, Netivot, Israel                                                                       2007-2010

Project Architect, Meir Krispin                                                                                                   Built

The commercial cross, of the two major streets in Netivot, is the place that this project is located at. The petrol station designed and built by the petrol company and I had to design the commercial building according to the plot situation and to turn it into one project ‘speaking’ a common ‘architectural language’.

The building I designed is arced and R shaped. The arc is facing the cross’ roundabout and create a colonnade for the wayfarers that using the stores that are in the ground floor. The arc is also creating parking places in front of the stores that are along the colonnade.

This building has 2 stories. The ground floor was divided to small shops and the first floor to medium offices. Due to its length I had to design 2 lobbies that lead to the first floor, which also had its influence on the general shape of the building.





Smilo Izo-1.jpg
Smilo 3-jpeg.jpg
smilo 3.JPG
Smilo 2-jpeg.jpg
smilo 36.JPG
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Smilo 5-jpeg.jpg
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smilo 27.JPG
Smilo int-1.jpg
Smilo int-2.JPG
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