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Gaston Centre & Petrol Station, Netivot, Israel                                                                       2005

Project Architect - Meir Krispin, Job Captain - Yuval Levi                                                    Unbuilt

This complex is located on the main entrance to the city of Netivot. The national highway on one side and the main street of Netivot is perpendicular to it. Parallel to the NH there is a small street that leads to some public institutes. On this lot there is an old petrol station that we had to redesign. We also had to design a new entrance to the city, by planning the landscap of the junction. Another added aspect of this project is the conservation of the old city water-tower, which was built in the late sixties.This water-tower is located in the public space between the commercial plot and the paralleled street within the city. All these design tasks needed to perform one 'Architectural Language'.

The planed building has two stories and a small 2nd floor that uses as an advertising office and a mechanism of the 'Poster Element' of the building. The ground floor is facing the petrol station and the NH; and it was divided to several shops that serve the petrol station; and to one big shop that serves the main street of the city. The facade to the NH creates a 'Trans-Urban' elevation; which means a long and solid stone building that has one huge and flatted protruding element, which we defined before as the 'Poster Element'. The parallel facade uses as an urban elevation, was divided to small sequances of commercial openings that face the designed consevation garden of the water-tower. The openings of this floor are facing this garden, which is the ground level on this side of the building. The development of the plot creates double ground levels on both sides. It creates two kinds of commercial services. From one side, urban one which suites the walkers; and on the other side a 'Trans-Urban' one which suites the drivers.

This project is a mediator and a terminal. It was designed as an entrance experience for the wayfarers by creating this 'Architectural Pause', while passing from the 'Trans-Urban' space to the urban ones.





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